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(CAT) Coding Analysis Toolkit

The CAT system consists of a web-based suite of tools custom built from the ground-up to facilitate efficient and effective analysis of text datasets that have been coded using either an internal coding module or the commercial-off-the-shelf package ATLAS.ti (http://www.atlasti.com).

What can you do in CAT?

Efficiently code raw text data sets
Annotate coding with shared memos
Manage team coding permissions via the Web
Create unlimited collaborator sub-accounts
Assign multiple coders to specific tasks
Easily measure inter-rater reliability
Adjudicate valid & invalid coder decisions
Report validity by dataset, code or coder
Export coding in RTF, CSV or XML format
Archive or share completed projects

CAT can import:
Plain text
Merged ATLAS.ti coding

Athabasca University does not endorse or take any responsibility for the tools listed in this directory.