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Search Pigeon

Search Pigeon is a collection of Google Co-opTM Custom Search Engines (CSEs) designed to make researching on the web a richer, more rewarding, and more efficient process.

Designed for researchers in the Arts and Humanities, with a decidedly interdisciplinary bent, the objective of Search Pigeon is to provide a tool enabling the productive and trustworthy garnering of scholarly articles through customized searching.

Right now SearchPigeon.org provides CSEs that search hundreds of peer-reviewed and open access online journal, provided they are either English-language journals, or provide a translation of their site into English. (For a broader collection of online journals published in all languages, visit DOAJ.org.)

The guiding philosophy behind Search Pigeon is that the production of trust and knowledge is fundamental to the transformation of society, from the well-being of individual minds and bodies to the healthy operation of large and complicated human networks and institutions. This production is a matter of cooperation and dissemination. So Search Pigeon in the long-view is a practical experiment in the way things spread.

Athabasca University does not endorse or take any responsibility for the tools listed in this directory.